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«Future trends in neurophysiological technology» by Professor Risto Ilmoniemi

11/11/2015 16:00

Dear Colleagues! Centre for Cognition & Decision Making invites you to the seminar «Future trends in neurophysiological technology»  by Professor Risto Ilmoniemi,Academy Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science (BECS), Aalto University School of ScienceNoninvasive neurophysiological techniques for the study of the human brain include electroencephalography (EEG, Berger 1929), magnetoencephalography (MEG, Cohen 1968, 1972), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS, Barker et al. 1985), and transcranial electric stimulation (TES, Albert 1966; Nitche and Paulus 2000). At Aalto University (formerly Helsinki University of Technology) and at the joint research center BioMag Laboratory at Helsinki University Hospital, we have introduced several advances in these technologies, including multichannel MEG (Ilmoniemi et al. 1985; Knuutila et al. 1987; Ahlfors et al. 1990; Ahonen et al. 1993; Elekta Neuromag Ltd.), navigated TMS (Nexstim Plc) and the combination of TMS and EEG (Ilmoniemi et al. 1997). Currently, we are developing these technologies further, with the aim of radically improving the accuracy and reliability of MEG and EEG source localization with the help of information from hybrid MEG–MRI and conductivity imaging enabled by the ultra-low-field MRI used in MEG–MRI. In addition, we aim at electronic targeting and feedback-controlled operation of TMS. The framework and philosophy behind these plans will be discussed.    Date:       11.11.15 Time:       16.00 Address:  Volgogradsky Prosp., 46B Room:     104 If you need a pass to the HSE, please contact Anastasia Plotnikova via email: mobile +7 (963) 767-60-70