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IEEE International Symposium on Video and Audio Signal Processing in the Context of Neurotechnologies

30/06/2016 09:00
02/07/2016 18:00

Call for Papers 2016 IEEE International Symposium“Video and Audio Signal Processing in the Context of Neurotechnologies” It is our great pleasure to welcome you to 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Video and Audio Signal Processing in the Context of Neurotechnologies. This symposium is organized by The Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FASO Russia), Pavlov Institute of Physiology Russian Academy of Sciences, St.Petersburg State Institute of Film and Television, Neuroiconics-Neuromechanic Co. Ltd., ITMO University, St. Petersburg State University, and technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Russia Northwest BT/CE/COM Chapter. The symposium will be held on June 30 – July 2, 2016, in St.Petersburg, Russia. St.Petersburg is one of world’s most exciting cultural centers and a vibrant city. There will be social events for participants. The symposium will provide an international forum where industry, researchers and academia will be able to interact and exchange experiences, ideas, and research results in all areas of Video and Audio Signal Processing in the Context of Neurotechnologies. The symposium offers unique opportunity for all the participants to communicate with experts in the field. We have some of the world’s leading experts giving keynote speeches, and also high quality tutorials as well as panel discussions. Keynote speeches Dr. Miriam Reiner, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel“The potential power of media to enhance cognition: The tacit components of human perception in mediated worlds” Dr. Nikolay Krasilnikov, St.Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, Russia“Stereo vision” Dr. Ivan Pavlov, University College London, Institute of Neurology, UK"Regulation of neuronal excitability and network behaviour by extracellular GABA" Dr.Baingio Pinna,University of Sassari, Italy"A new principle of chromatic accentuation in perceptual organization: visual, cognitive and biological implications with technological applications"   Important Dates Abstract Submission Deadline: 20 May 2016Notification of Acceptance: 1 June 2016 Papers SubmissionThe Symposium is asking you for submissions of papers for oral and poster presentations. Prospective authors are invited to submit a 200-words abstract in any of the areas below for presentation at the symposium and publication in the symposium proceedings. Potential topics are included but not limited to the following topics in the field «From Neurotechnologies to Consumer»:Signal Processing·           Signal processing in hearing and acoustics·           Image, video signal processing·           Light, color, form, and scene processing in human and device·           Multidimensional signal processing·           Audio-visual recording and storage·           HD, UHD and 3D Video·           Coding and compression Multimedia·         Multimedia content analysis·         Multimedia indexing, abstraction, summarization and editing·         Semantic analysis of multimedia and contextual data Human-Device Interaction·         Sensors and sensory-motor systems·         Sensor array and multichannel systems·         Audio, image and video quality assessment·         Eye movement and EEG-measurements for human and device control·         Smart interface between optical and visual space·         User centered design·         Usability/Accessibility·         Smartlightning Cognitive Science and Neurotechnologies·            Neurons and neuronal networks·            Neuron-glial interactions·            Decision-making and uncertainty·            Decision-making in economy and industry·           Signal processing in cognitive tasks·           Image and semantic·           Face recognition·           Biological movement recognition·           Animal models of human behavior Virtual Reality Environments·         Tracking and sensing·         Input devices for virtual reality·         Locomotion, perception and cognition in virtual environments·         Complex virtual environments·         Haptic technology·         Virtual humans and avatars Paper must be submitted electronically using papers will be peer reviewed. Abstract length should be maximum 200 words and do not include figures, tables. Registration fees on Organizing committee Konstantin Glasman, chair (St.Petersburg State Institute of Film and Television, St.Petersburg, Russia)Yuri Shelepin, chair (Pavlov Institute of Physiology, St.Petersburg, Russia) Marusina M. (ITMO University, St.Petersburg),Korableva E. (ITMO University, St.Petersburg),Shelepin E. (Neuroiconics-Neuromechanic Co. Ltd., St.Petersburg),Shelepin K. (St. Petersburg State University, Psychological Department, St.Petersburg),Yakimova E., (Pavlov Institute of Physiology, St.Petersburg),Grinenko E., (St.Petersburg State Institute of Film and Television, St.Petersburg)Vakhrameeva O., (Pavlov Institute of Physiology, St.Petersburg), Technical Program Committee Yuri Shelepin, chair (Pavlov Institute of Physiology, St.Petersburg, Russia) Foreman N. (UK),Pinna B. (Italy),Danilova M. (Russia),Bondarko V. (Russia),Krasilnikov N.N. (Russia).  

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