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Seminar «Perceptual and motor simulation of meaning in first and second language» on 12.08.14 By Nikola Vukovic

12/08/2014 15:00

Dear Colleagues!Centre for Cognition & Decision Making invites you to a seminar«Perceptual and motor simulation of meaning in first and second language»on 12.08.14 By Nikola VukovicPhD student in the Department of Theoretical & Applied Linguisticsat the University of Cambridge. Abstract:Understanding neurocognitive mechanisms supporting the use of multiple languages is a key question in language science. Recent neuroimaging studies in monolinguals indicated that core language areas in human neocortex together with sensorimotor structures form a highly interactive system underpinning native language comprehension. While the experience of a native speaker promotes the establishment of strong action-perception links in the language comprehension network, this may not necessarily be the case for L2 where, as it has been argued, the most a typical L2 speaker may get is a link between an L2 wordform and its translation equivalent. The present talk will outline research which looked into the role of the motor cortex in bilingual semantics. We used EEG to dynamically measure changes in the cortical motor system’s activity, indexed by event-related desynchronisation (ERD) of the mu-rhythm, in response to viewing L1 and L2 action words. Source-level activation in the motor areas showed that mu-rhythm ERD, while present for both languages, is significantly stronger for L1 words. This is the first neurophysiological evidence of rapid motor-cortex involvement during L2 single word reading. The results of this study provide novel evidence that L2 and L1 comprehension both involve a process of embodied simulation, (re)using sensorimotor mechanisms already involved in action and perception.   Date:        12.08.14Time:       15.00Address:  Volgogradsky Prosp., 46BRoom:      114  If you need a pass to the HSE, please contact Anastasia Plotnikova via email: aplotnikova@hse.rumobile +7 (963) 767-60-70