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Seminar «Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation reveals new insights into the long-term memory» by Matteo Feurra, Ph.D

23/10/2014 15:00
23/10/2014 16:00
Vasily Klucharev 21 октября г. 20:02
Centre for Cognition & Decision Making invites you to seminar«Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation reveals new insights into the long-term memory» by Matteo Feurra, Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Faculty of Psychology HSETranscranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a neuro-technique which is used to establish relationships between brain regions and their functions. Here I will show how repetitive TMS (rTMS) delivered online during a task, transiently interfere with the neural activity of a given cortical target, thereby directly verifying whether such effects are associated with different behavioral consequences. I will summarize previous rTMS evidence on episodic memory processes by studies on memory for landscape and for faces. Then, based on the most recent Alan Baddeley cognitive model of memory (2000), I will show how rTMS, used as "virtual lesion approach", may be able to disentangle the level of processing model (Craik and Lockhart; 1972) which is based on how depth of information processing at the moment of encoding predicts the accuracy of episodic memory performance. Last but not least, evidence about temporary dynamics of memory trace formation by rTMS of the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC): rTMS may be a useful tool for revealing the critical timing of the left DLPFC engagement in the formation, maintenance and consolidation of the memory trace.Date: 23.10.14Time: 15.00-16.00Address: Volgogradsky Prosp., 46BRoom: 228If you need a pass to the HSE, please contact Anastasia Plotnikova via email: aplotnikova@hse.rumobile +7 (963) 767-60-70